Do You Look a Thing Like Jesus?

"He doesn't look a thing like Jesus
but he talks like a gentleman..."

Question of the day: Why do we women find ourselves compromising our beliefs and standards day after day? How many times have you tried to make excuses for a man in your life? "Well, he's not a Christian... but he's [insert here as many "good things" as you can think of]."

Let's take it a step further... let's include men. Why do any of us compromise what we know to be true?

My answer to that is this: because we read "all things are permissible..." or "all things are lawful..."

And we stop there.

But continue on... Paul says, "... but not all things are beneficial."

Why are we satisfied with whatever it takes to 'get by'?

I know the answer is sin.
I know the answer is because we are not perfect.

But why settle? Why settle for an ungodly man or woman, ungodly friends, unwise choices, a fleshly lifestyle?

Why settle for imperfection simply because it's impossible to be perfect?

Why do you settle?
Ben Gibbard, why do you choose to settle? ("Bop baa... bop baa... this is the sound of settling...")

Really though, I think settling is sin.

And I'm guilty of it in more ways than I realize.

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