Essential Oils

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- following me on Instagram or Twitter, you've seen me posting about essential oils. Whether you've used them or attended a class or have never heard of them until now, this quick overview will help.

what are essential oils?
Essential oils are the life blood of a plant, whose cells are extremely compatible with the cells in our bodies. The essential oil acts as a defense mechanism for the plant, providing nourishment, strength, and protection. When we use these on our bodies, the oils go to work on our cells the same way, actually helping them to regenerate and grow stronger. Click the image above for more on Young Living's website.

why young living?
By far the most compelling reason to use Young Living oils is their commitment to the highest standards of purity and quality. Click the image above to read about Young Living's Seed-to-Seal promise.

essential oils classes
One of the best ways to learn about Young Living essential oils is to host a class and invite your friends and family to join in on the fun! These oils are impacting so many lives and Young Living is growing at a truly addicting rate. It's too hard to not jump on board and see for yourself! At these classes, you host while someone else teaches. And don't worry out-of-towners - we can absolutely plan a virtual class! If you're ready to start planning, contact me here.

join the we can oil it young living team
Our Young Living team 'We Can Oil It!' is committed to you as you learn about essential oils and begin incorporating them into your everyday life. Are you ready to experience the powerful, life-changing benefits of using Young Living essential oils? Click the image above to create your account and purchase the Premium Starter Kit!

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