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so, many people know the changes that are going on in my life, but some do not, and this seems to be the easiest way to tell everyone. i will not be returning to lcc this fall. i've decided to transfer to north park university in chicago, where i'll major in psychology.

there are a lot of opportunities, open doors, and influences that have played into my decision, with the most important of course being God's leading.one other huge reason for transferring is because i was still in the community care program at lcc, and in order to switch to psych, i would extend my undergrad time by at least an additional year (which would mean i wouldn't graduate till 2010 at the earliest). also, i've been thinking a lot about grad school options, and many of them require a liberal arts background - which lincoln does not provide. so by transferring to north park, i will have a BA in psychology from a christian liberal arts school AND finish by summer or fall 09. 

everyone that i've talked to about this and whose advice i've sought has been supportive and encouraging. my sfg leader was the only person who was against it, but then after trying to talk me out of it for weeks, simply said, "i think this is a good decision for you." after weeks of feeling torn and hesitating to do what i knew was right, that was the moment i was waiting for to say, okay, this is for real.

there have been several moments since then that i've had to put my faith entirely in God and recognize that he is faithful. i trust that he has led me to this and that he is going to do so many great things. already, he has shown his sovereignty and resolved things that i could have never fixed. although i'm sad to not be coming back to lincoln, he has given me peace and strength to move forward and walk through a door he has opened for me. 

i'm listening hard for God's plan. from here on out, i have no idea what's in store. i'll miss everyone, but i plan on visiting soon (september 19th). 

and lcc... i'll be praying for you through all of the changes coming this year. continue to look for the ways God is working and allow him to stretch your hearts in new ways this year. i love you guys!!

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