Daisy Fuentes, Your Bags Suck!

I think the girl sitting at the front of the bus* works in the Student Administrative Services office at North Park. I saw her yesterday. Sometimes it takes being in the city daily to realize what a small world we live in.

There was a girl passing out free copies of the Trib this morning. I walked right past her, assuming she only had meaningless garbage to hand me, like the Red Eye or something equally superficial**. I wish I would have stopped for a copy so I could have one more thing to distract me from homework and studying. Then again, with my newest addiction being Twitter, I highly doubt I need any more distractions. And now I've discovered the MemoPad on my (brother's) CrackBerry. You thought I was blogging a lot lately already? Now I can blog on the fly. I should set up mobile blogging. Then you can keep up with my life by the hour, or maybe the minute! You can know my every move... I know your survival depends on it.

Do you think a person could become addicted to stalking? Ponder... There would have to be some element of attraction. So I need to be magnificently beautiful, or insanely witty, or mind-blowingly intelligent. But I'm only mediocre in all three categories, so if you form an addiction to following my life via Twitter or Blogger, you have a real serious problem. I'm not that interesting.

Blogging by BlackBerry is fascinating. My mind functions differently. I'm rarely this inspired. I should do this more often.

I bought a black bag by Daisy Fuentes about a month ago. Really cute AND functional AND affordable. But four weeks later, I'm about to need a new bag. The straps are coming apart! One of them is hanging eversofragilely (I think I just made that word up) and I'm legitimately fearful that it will snap by the end of my long Tuesday. How will I ever survive?

*I was right.
**Glancing over the shoulder of the person in front of me, I did happen to see an article about yesterday's epic dive in the stock market. So I started to regret calling the RedEye superficial, but then I considered the fact that there was an entire page dedicated to Megan Fox and an estimated four inches to the Dow plunge. Problem? (Okay, maybe I should actually read the damn thing before I spout off opinions. Sorry.)

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  1. You just crack me up! I just think you are so funny :) forever.