Missed Connections.

Do you ever read Missed Connections on craigslist.com? They crack me up. I've recently bookmarked it and check it out whenever I'm bored. Several days ago I found one posted by a 72-year-old man talking about blumpkins. If you know what those are, you understand why I was horrified. Overall, though, it was hilarious... I laughed out loud for minutes. I sent the link to a couple of friends too. It was that good.

When I read the Missed Connections I recognize how connected we are. People everywhere are looking for a connection, and once they've had it, they're desperate to hold on to it. Authentic, meaningful connections are hard to come by, especially when you're in a city full of independent, self-sufficient people who don't know how to express their need to be close to another person. We all crave that intimacy and connection, we all yearn to know we aren't alone. But it's so hard to let those walls down and let someone in. We're too busy worrying about ourselves, fearing pain and pushing people away. That's kinda counterproductive, right?

Anyway, just some thoughts. I have many of those.

I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. I'm learning to be quiet. I'm learning to be alone. I'm learning to be content in my solitude.

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