Must have been a hell of a daydream - you didn't come home till three.

I'm (finally) unpacking some things from Lincoln and going through papers and pictures and stuff. I'm also just kinda purging my room of things that I've held on to for waaaay too long. Like my first cell phone. Why do I still have that??

Anyway, I'll post some of the old, funny pictures in another blog. I'm tellin ya, I found some good ones!

When I started going through LCC stuff, I flipped through a notebook and found games of MASH that Morgan and I used to play during class. Of particular interest are the games we played with Matt Rut while working on our Marriage and Family video project last year. I laughed at the memory of that day and then again about what our results were.

Matt's results: He is going to marry Kelly, have one kid, and work as a video editor (ok... those weren't funny). He will drive a Hummer limo, and he's going to murder Mindy during his midlife crisis (sorry Mindy... at least now you won't be surprised.) He'll have one affair with a black woman, be a rapist in a secret life, and die in a helicopter crash (don't think that you can escape your fate by avoiding helicopters... MASH never lies!). Oh, and his drug of choice is Diet Pepsi (weak!).

Morgan's results: She will marry Ben Sowders (I'm not sure how that will work out, considering Ben is now married, but like I said, MASH never lies.) and have zero kids together. But they will own a cobra as a pet. In her midlife crisis, she will run a marathon. She'll have an affair with Max (haha!) and retire at the age of 35. Her income will be a whopping $0. She will be eaten alive by spiders at the age of 45, and her body will be found in her pimp's house (Max?). Based on these projections, her midlife crisis should be happening right now. Morgan, you have a marathon to run.

My results: I will marry a Random Man (the kinda guy that you meet in a bar?) and have 16 kids (that's a good way to ruin my woman parts). My job will be as a massage therapist, but in my secret life I'm a rest stop janitor. I'll have an affair with President Ray (I like my men old, I guess... weird... ) and I'll get a sex change at my midlife crisis (I guess the vajayjay will get boring, if it's not destroyed by all of the birthing... I don't know.) I'm going to commit murder (look out). I'll die by being choked (by the family of my victim?), and my body will be found in the trunk of a car. My Random Man husband will be run over by a herd of antelope (clearly we won't be living in Chicago!).



    Ok so that doesn't even come close to how hard I was laughing...so my question is...Why aren't we playing MASH right now??? OMG I have tears running down my face!

    haha, best times!

  2. I've always wanted to know how to spell "vajayjay"...

  3. I still have tears running down my face! (I know I texted that to you, but I had to tell you again!) Oh how I miss you!!!!!!!