285? Really?

So like two weeks ago I added a counter to my blog. If you hadn't noticed it, it's in the left panel at the bottom. The only problem with this particular counter is that it counts when ALL hits - so that includes when I look at my blog (which is pretty frequently, given that I was trying to fix formatting issues and adding things here and there, plus now I have a counter to check). That said, I'm sure maaany many of those 285 hits are me. Also, if you navigate away from my blog but come back, well that adds another to the count.

Let's guesstimate - at most, I'm probably 100 of those counts (and even that seems like more than it probably is). And let's say that for all of my subscribers, they each have looked at my page twice a day for the last 10 days. Well, I only have 6 official followers. So that means 6 x 2 times a day x 10 days = 120. 120+100=220.

I know there are at least a couple people reading my blog who aren't followers.

So who are all you other people, or who of my followers is checking my blog 10 times a day on their own? Not that I'm complaining. =P

Welp, I hope that number keeps going up and up and up...

1 comment:

  1. haha well Jess, I have a confession.... It's me checking it a million times a day.

    No really...so before I started "following" everybody's blogs on my own...I kinda used yours to get to others. I'm sorry...but I do read everyday...and reread some days haha...its me....