DSG strikes again!

Yep, it's Dumb Stats Girl again... are you ready for it?

First, I just have to say that she really cracks me up. I sat next to her today, and she is a trip. She's a really sweet girl and really funny, too. Just kinda slow when it comes to jokes... and things. Haha.

The stats prof was talking about how once we got through all of the examples of what we were doing, that we'd be staring at her like she had asked, "Who's buried in Grant's tomb?" A few students slipped a chuckle or two out. DSG, on the other hand, said, "Wait... what? Who's buried in Grant's tomb?"

Then later the prof asked, so is this one sample or two samples? And we all said, two samples. And the prof asked, how do you know? And DSG said, because there are two samples.

Haha. :)


P.S. I'm so happy and I have the best friends in the entire world.

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  1. You're a pretty great friend yourself! I love you and miss you!!!!!!!!