Mixed emotions.

I made it to my 8:00 class on time this morning, only by the grace of God, and I was pretty excited about it. I also spent a considerable amount of time preparing for the exam we had, so I was kinda pumped. Plus I actually got up at 5:15 and showered and got ready before I left for the day! Pretty impressive, huh?

So my day started off pretty smoothly, other than my curses at the cars moving at turtle-speeds... I'm such an angry driver, I really need to get that in check. Lately I've become extremely conscious of my outbursts, but by outbursts I only mean bitter thoughts running through my mind or perhaps a choice word or two spoken aloud if no one is within range of hearing. I know I'm not alone in my irritability and impatience - especially in the heart of the city.

I got to class on time, feeling pretty good about this test, feeling pretty good about my day. Dr. B walks in and says, "Before we start, let me collect your observational projects."

My what?!

I thought it was due Thursday.

UGH, life.

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