Bullet point update.

> The girls from Lincoln visited me last weekend, and it was a great time.
> Morgan found more Skittles on my floor. I thought I ate them all.
> Dorian and I saw Ingrid Michaelson last Wednesday. It was nothing short of awesome.
> Twilight came out on Friday. Morgan, Shana, Dorian, and I saw it. Again, nothing short of awesome. (But the books are obviously better.)
> I'm one chapter away from finishing Breaking Dawn... I'm so happy about the outcome.
> Everyone's home for Thanksgiving break. I'm excited to go out tonight.
> If you-know-who shows up, I will probably leave.
> I've been meeting a woman at school for spiritual direction every two weeks. Very eye-opening.
> I'm dealing with a lot of things right now. Sorry if it seems like I'm distant. If I do, it's because I am. =P
> I am cold.
> I'm actually kind of enjoying winter so far.
> I'm going to Indiana Thursday. Michigan Saturday.
> My fear of commitment and vulnerability was reconfirmed the other day.
> I'm a perfectionist.
> I have a critic in my head whose voice overpowers mine. I'm trying to come up with a name for him so I can directly address him when I need to tell him to shut up. I find commands are more effective when you use the intended recipient's name.
> I'm not as depressed as my blogs are making me seem.
> I'm peaceful.

> I forgot that I'm shy. But now I remember.

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  1. I hate it when I forget that I'm shy...lol and then remember...Its teh worst! LOL Love you Jess!! I made this post twice! haha Well 3 times! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!