2011 thus far...

So, we're about to finish the first month of 2011. Have you given up your resolutions? Are you pushing through, full force ahead?

January has been full of growth and surprises for me.

The new year has brought new advances in my position at work... oh- I started a new job in late November. I seem to have gotten the hang of things pretty quickly, as I went from new girl doing data entry to taking my first business trip tomorrow. Unfortunately, one of our sales guys had some health issues arise last week, so he cannot travel to the job fair event he planned. I'll be the hostess with the mostest for the event, greeting companies and job candidates as they arrive at the hotel. Oh- I'll be in Salt Lake City. I've never been there; I've only passed through Utah during the (2) California road trips of Summer 2010. I'm looking forward to a new city, and a new experience.

My boss told me that now I'll be a real adult... it's funny how business travel and being out in the corporate world bumps my status up to 'real adult.' I remember hearing the pastor at the church of my childhood discuss the idea of 'normalcy' and pose the question: "Who decides what's normal?" The 'real adult' comment from my boss stirred up the question in my mind: "Who decides the definition of adult?"

The first indication would be age, though age does not always indicate a certain level of maturity. I know of people in their early 20s still relating best to 16 year olds, people in their late 20s connecting intimately with those barely of age, people approaching 50 who put 5 year olds to shame... and that's really saying something. So, sure, 18 is the age of legal adulthood... but experiential adulthood?

There's the key word: experience. But experience is SO subjective, we'd be foolish to try to compare... and I think comparing lives/experiences/circumstances is so dangerous. When we focus on what they have versus what I have... we become self-centered and driven by possessions. It's funny--we compare because of our insecurity, yet our comparisons only drive us deeper into insecurity and self-consciousness. In other words, all we see/hear is SELF SELF SELF...

... which, you might notice, says nothing about the Lord, of his greatness, of his glory... of the many, many ways that he provides for us, blesses us, guides us... we have much to be thankful for, and we do well to focus on those things rather than the have-nots.

No idea where I'm going with this.

I don't know. I'm an adult, I guess. Or I will be when I successfully pull off a job fair Thursday. :) In actuality, I have felt like an adult for some time... not sure when that happened, but I'm guessing it may have something to do with mentoring high school girls. As I approach 25, I realize that I am not as 'cool' as I once was... and how little that really matters. Being around high school students on a regular basis puts life into perspective and reminds me that there are things that truly do not matter, and there are things that are of the utmost importance.

People are definitely important. I am fascinated by people... and that makes me think of how we are all created in God's image, with his attributes sprinkled throughout our personalities... how cool. It makes me appreciate my crazy emotions a little more to recognize that God has emotions, too, and they are created for a purpose.

I'm excited tonight to talk to two of my favorite girls ever... my old roommate from Lincoln and our across the hall neighbor Megan. I miss them! Love chances to catch up, since we don't see each other often anymore.

Back to what the first month of the new year has brought...

Growth! Hard conversations. Accountability. Failure... but redemption and second chances. A lot of thinking and praying and asking what God would have of me. Conviction lately to listen more... talk less. Trying to establish more balance, more routine, more time management. LESS PROCRASTINATION, less rushing, less frustration. More freedom. At least that is my aim.

Anyway... this blog is all over the place. I've decided to make blogging a weekly thing-- probably on Saturdays. And I'm also going to work on writing thought-through posts, on pre-selected topics, rather than writing on the fly... which is what I have always done.

Thanks for reading... praying you feel connected to something today.


  1. adulthood is an intriguing concept. externally, i was more "adult" 3 years ago. internally speaking, i'd think i'm more adult now than then, even though my external circumstances have ... diminished? but who can say? i like your observations on making comparisons.

    praying for your business trip. hope all goes well. grace & peace.


  3. Sometimes I still don't feel like an adult - just like I'm masquerading as one.

  4. I appreciate your resolve to begin blogging. New Year's resolutions are always tough for me. Will power only lasts so long! Take care and yes prayer changes things!

  5. I always say I'm going to blog more but it never happens....dang!!!