Musical Highs.

So, last night we went to St. Louis for the Death Cab show. I've already explained it a million times, it feels like, and most of you who read this probably already know that it was the greatest concert experience of my entire life... haha. I'd already seen them twice, last summer ('05) at Summerfest in Milwaukee and then at Lolla at Grant Park. They put on good shows both times, but nothing compared to this.

They played for an hour and 45 minutes. They played a ton of older stuff, which was amazing. "We Looked Like Giants" was the most mind-blowing 15 minutes (yes, 15 minutes!) of my life. They pulled out a second drumset and Ben Gibbard played... he f-ing rocked. Any doubts I'd ever had about whether or not I was in love with Ben were wiped away last night. Haha... After that, 10 minutes of "Transatlanticism"... aaaaamazing. Then they went off stage, pretended they were done, waited foreverrrrrr (bastards!), then finallllyyyyyy came back out. Ben played "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" acoustic style... which was awesome. I figured they'd be done, but nope, the rest of the gang came back out and they played "Marching Bands of Manhattan." By then I was like well that must be it. Then they frickin kept playing! They rocked out to a song by a Washington state band The Sonics... loved that one. And the real final song was "The Sound of Settling." AHHHHH this night was easily the musical climax of my life! Well, at least up until this point.

AND Melissa (the one who went with me last night) and another girl, Amy, and myself are all planning to see Iron and Wine in February in Milwaukee. I'm stooooked. We decided that our lives will be complete after last night, after seeing Iron and Wine, and after seeing Sufjan Stevens. Then we can die happy. :P

AND in approximately two and a half weeks, I'm seeing Imogen Heap again, in Milwaukee. I'm soooo exciiiiited.

AH I love music.

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  1. remember that time when you went to Death Cab and didn't ask me? mmm..