Oh, my God.

God has plans. He carries them out. No one can turn back from His outstretched hand.
God is consistent and faithful to his commitments.
He expects the same of us.
even when we're miserable.
even when our circumstances seem hopeless or impossible.
God's will is never sin.
He can use ALL situations for good.
God's will does not include craziness and desperation,
depression and despair.
We have to submit in meekness and
We have to accept things as they are.
even if it's hell on earth.
He is sovereign.
God has much more planned for us eternally. What we experience now is NOT the end all, be all.
We are to be content and patient in looking forward to paradise in eternity.
He's wise. All-knowing. Perfect.
He's righteous, therefore his choices and plans are righteous.
He is good.
He delights in blessing me.
God works when we rest.
He allows us time for rest. We can't do everything - He can and will.
He satisfies.
He wants to enjoy me and He wants me to enjoy Him forever.
He wants us to ask for help.

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  1. hello jess,it is kellya,i just read you and just want to tell u as much as God is perfect and life with him is sweet.
    Keep on enjoyng with him,bc he is our best friend forever.
    take care
    may GOD bless u