Maybe Zero Minute Writer...

Well, I've written more often in the last week or so, but I haven't been doing the sixty-minute-a-day thing. Which I'm okay with, especially because I'm trying to focus more on homework and studying and stuff.

To help that, I'm not going on Facebook or MySpace for the rest of the month. So if you read this and want to get a hold of me, I guess you'll have to rely on old-fashioned forms of communication, like the phone... or... in person! :-P Or email, I'll be checking that too, just less often. I can't replace the time spent on Facebook and MySpace with time emailing people or even blogging.

Okay, gotta do some homework and go to class. I wish this day wasn't so busy, but I hope this week goes by fast. Next weekend is fall break, and many exciting things are happening over fall break! :)

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