Sixty Minute Writer

On the list of "Blogs of Note", I found one titled "Sixty Minute Artist." She has inspired me to do something similar. Check out her blog if you want... it's interesting.

I want to be a sixty minute writer. I'm challenging myself to work on my writing for at least one hour out of the day. Really, I do have the time, I just need to learn better time management. And maybe this will help, because writing is something I enjoy more than most things. I would rearrange my schedule for writing. And if I get motivated by writing for an hour, maybe I'll stay motivated to keep writing papers for class... who knows, but it's worth a shot.

So, starting Wednesday (because tomorrow is already going to be super super super hectic), I'm going to begin my sixty-minute-a-day writing.

And if I write something good... maybe you'll be lucky enough to come across it as a post on here. Better come back and find out!

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    thats too hard for me,,,im too lazy to do that....i just drop my head on my desk and let my fingers steer the boat of my imagination

  2. You're a good writer. An excellent goal. Keep at it. In fact, maybe we could encourage each other.