I have a lot of time on my hands.

So, here I sit at 11:03 a.m. on a beautiful Tuesday morning in a freaking computer lab wasting time until class at 11:40 (what a random time to start class, by the way). Commuting effin blows. I mean, I enjoy the fact that I can still be at home (and save my parents money), and I love being in the city... and I love taking the train... but the SITTING and the WAITING is already old. I guess once things pick up and homework starts rollin in I'll have plenty to do on my breaks. Tuesdays will be the worst, for sure.

Anyway. North Park is quite different from LCC. PEOPLE SMOKE HERE!! Oh my gosh, Christians, smoking (question mark)! (The question mark key is not working on this keyboard. Annoying, I know.) Well that assumes that all students here are Christians, which they are not. The school is committed to upholding Christian values, but a faith statement is not required to attend. In fact, people of all religious backgrounds are encouraged to enroll. I've heard people openly swearing, voicing annoyances about Bible professors who require students to actually read the Bible, and recounting drunken summer nights. There's no fear of being myself here, that's for sure.

I am really glad I went to LCC. I'm grateful for the background and understanding I have of my faith, and I'm grateful for the people surrounding me who were equally devoted to intimacy with Christ and within the church. It's a good thing.

But as most of us are aware, Christians are really, really good at creating bubbles and remaining in them, lest any "pagans" infect us with their sin. First of all, I am 100% against using the word "pagan" to categorize all unredeemed into the same category. Second of all, I'm going to have to finish this later because I need to get my crap together for class. :)

More later.

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