The pace of a snail.

Slow is good and slow is hard.

But in a life that's escaping me in this very moment, in a life that suddenly jumps ahead at the speed of light (or more, it seems), in a city where rushing is the name of the game... I will stop and take my time and enjoy every moment.

I will learn to be slow and I will learn to face every moment I'm given, whether it be filled with pain, joy, sorrow, happiness, peace, or hope.

Sometimes I think God is moving at the pace of a snail, but he's probably not. Pray unceasingly for patience unlike anything you could ever come up with on your own. We need it.

I need it.

"With You beside me, I no longer fear."

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  1. 1 Timothy 1 tells us that we are to have 'unlimited patience' so I know you are doing the right thing :) that can be comforting in a sense that God is not going to work in our time, He is going to work according to His own time. It's always a good thing to remember when we feel like He isn't working fast enough :)