If not for the people, I'd never go.

Lincoln is super lame. Nothing to do. Nothing to see.

Megan informed me of the phenomena that is ChaCha. ChaCha is my new best friend. Sorry ladies. When you hold endless knowledge at my fingertips, I'll reconsider the recent reordering of my friends. ;)

So I asked dear ChaCha, "What fun things are there to do in Lincoln, IL?"

She replied with, "You can enjoy an urban general store on Lincoln Square."


Like I said, Lincoln is lame.

But the innumerable memories.friendships.moments.connections.loves.revelries that place holds... cliche, yes, but they are priceless.


  1. awe!! You are so right, Lincoln is lame! But we, on the otherhand, are not! :) love love love you!

  2. yes. i'm glad i was able to share that with you! it's very fun and is always there to talk to you when you're bored. haha! and they know pretty much everything. even something random is lincoln, il. i'm so glad you came this weekend - i had so much fun! love you girlie boo. :)

  3. alison9:43 AM

    Umm...lincoln may be lame but my beautiful physic is not.