I don't even know how to begin.

Life is transformational. Have I blogged about 'kaizen'? It is one of my favorite concepts, ever really. I mean, besides salvation, reconciliation, transformation, sanctification, etc...

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means 'continuous improvement.' How can I hear that word and not think of the work God does in me? In my last post I mentioned Romans 8:28... "And we know in ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Kaizen. I am a work in progress, and thankfully God is on my side.

This work in progress is at once overwhelming, surprising, exciting.
Also entirely manageable when I involve God in the process... the one that he is guiding and working out for good... even when I'm not paying attention to him.
How awesome is the God we serve?

So, to move past ambiguities... a real update on what is going on in my life, mind, heart, soul...

I've learned that every job has its moments that suck. No job, like no person, is perfect. I'm not happy 100% of the time. Who really is? Recently my friend Jen from my small group joined our small workforce. We now have 7 staff members, 3 of which are full-time. I loved my job before, but I can't even explain what it is to have Jen there.

To explain, if you don't already know, I work for Families ETC now. Or Families Empowered To Change... ETC for short. As I was training Elena at Families ETC back in March (to June/July) to take over my TRAC responsibilities, the prospect of hiring me transpired. I was hired officially September 14th as the Evaluation Coordinator. I'm still in charge of the TRAC interviews, although I no longer conduct the interviews. I coordinate the process, but I don't make the phone calls or do the home visits. I miss going into families' homes and meeting them and listening to them, but I do not miss making the phone calls. They typically stress me out.

On top of coordinating TRAC, I also create the monthly report to send to our funders with all the numbers that matter to no one else. I'm in charge of making sure everyone collects and tracks the right data, formulating the report, and soon I will also be one of two lead facilitators for the Local Evaluation Team meeting that happens monthly. Pretty crazy, I'm like a real person now.

Funny thing about that is... I still haven't finished school. I'm 5 classes away from a Bachelor's degree, but I'm taking Spring semester off. A lot of thought and planning and prayer has gone into this... a lot of conversation too. There are several reasons, most of which I won't get into here.

There is one part that I'm absolutely excited about... I will have time to learn on my own terms, learn about the possibilities of my future, learn about the options I have and learn some more until I make a decision. It suddenly strikes me that I don't want to be plagued with the 'paralysis of analysis'... as often is my problem. I think and I think and I think and I think some more... with no time to act, no energy to decide, no strength to choose. It's a cycle, it reoccurs often in my life.

So-- many decisions will be made in the coming months. I mean, I have to grow up sometime. I'm going to be 24... I should probably stop putting it off.

I have decisions to make.
But regardless of the direction, God is still good.
And I am still continuously improving.

Kaizen with God's strength, direction, and will.


  1. I really loved that word, thanks for sharing this.


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