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Loney, Dear.
San Diego.
Ben Gibbard.
Damien Rice.
Erin's Wedding.
Regina Spektor.
Kim's Wedding/My 21st Birthday.
Adam Visits?
Arizona with Adam.
Hilton Head Island.

It's gon' be a busy next few months.

I just got back from Texas, which was delightful. Adam and I spent a weekend in San Antonio, then the rest of the week back at Ft. Hood. I haven't been this happy in a really long time.

My brother is more than halfway through boot camp.

Got a new(ish) car. Woo.

I'm becoming too materialistic for my own good. Pray for humility.

What's God doing in my life? Not sure, because I haven't been spending enough time with him to find out.

Kinda depress...ing/ed.

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