I'm smiling on the inside.

You know those people that you have a hard time loving? Like, you know they need Jesus as much as you do, and you should really love them the way He loves them. And you shouldn't be disrespectful, or impatient, or unkind, or bitter towards them. But everything in you wants to tell them off, bitch them out, tell them what's up.

I know it might not be the most mature or godly thing to say, but... I am having a really hard time caring about all of that. I think honesty is important, and here I am being honest: I don't want to care.

Sometimes love is a choice. In fact, I think it always is, but that's another topic for another day. I just mean sometimes you have to choose to respect someone and love them for no other reason than because Jesus does. And right now, I'm having a hard time making that choice.

But screw it. It's the f-ing holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and stop wasting your energy on stupid things. And I love you.

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